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B i o g r a p h y


My name is Manuel “Manny” Kellough, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I started playing drums at the age of (8) years old at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Playing professionally at the age of (13) with different local bands led me on an amazing journey including a Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Southern California.

At 17, I was fortunate to play with the “Ray Charles” band and was blessed to have worked with some of the best artists around, such as the late great Billy Preston for 25 years, as the original drummer, Barry White, Carmen McCrae, Larry Graham (Graham Central Station) and The Rolling Stones.  These are just to name a few artists throughout my career, of over (53) years.

After years of playing with different famous artists, I formed my own band  in 2002, “The Manny Kellough Jazz Quartet” , performing for Doctors, Lawyers, Judges and numerous events across the nation and aboard Cruise ships. In 2008, I became the resident “Jazz” musician for Celebrity Cruise lines.

My CD  titled “Xpressions” and DVD titled “Manny Kellough Jazz All-Stars in Concert” has just been completed!!

(See "CREDITS" page for a more exhaustive list of performer that Manny has played with over the years.)


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